Thursday, October 8, 2009

Should I use Silverlight

Now I’m a Windows developer but always worked behind the scenes. I never had to design any externally facing interfaces until SecondTeacher and this poses plenty of cost and problems. I discovered Silverlight about a year ago and was hooked it is built for someone like me who doesn’t want to learn all the intricacies of design on the web and just wants to build application.
The biggest problem I have with Silverlight is the user adoption rate. I worry that it will put people off using the site because of the need to load another plug-in with only between 25% - 40% depending on who you listen to already using it. That is a large chunk of people who are without. For me in the end I went with the logic that Silverlight is the future and for me to replicate the functionality I can achieve in Silverlight is going to take me an age and cost me a fortune. I know it might put a few off short-term but long-term it opens up the possibilities of what we can deliver and also makes delivering a quality experience much easier.
Just my thoughts

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