Monday, January 4, 2010

24/7 Math Homework Help

In my day math homework was something you did straight after school so you could get out to your friends. If you got stuck you were well stuck. You could ask your parents but all you would get back is blank stares. Ask you brothers or sisters and they'd laugh at you. You could search the internet...hang on that wasn't invented yet.
I often think kids have it harder in so many areas of life nowadays but getting math homework help is not one of them. The internet is a great resource to help (and cheat) with your homework. If you didn't bother with your homework and you have 20 minutes in the morning to get it done in a hurry the internet is a lifesaver. Not really the recommended scenario for getting your homework done but now possible, but used right the internet and web tutor services are a fantastic resource.
Math homework help services on the internet now mean expert advice on the exact concepts you are working on are just a click away 24/7. This is a great boon but also removes the standard excuse of the student. “I couldn’t understand it and no one at home can help” ah well yes there is it’s called the internet. Many teachers first reaction to web based tutor services is fear and to dismiss them. But really teachers can use good web homework tutors to really enforce a math lesson.
Imagine the scenario the teacher runs an hour long class on polynomials and sets homework based on the chapter in the textbook. But also refers all the students to a web tutor service offering a customized lesson with examples on the exact same chapter if they need help. Now some students always struggle to get the subject in school and for a host of reasons might not get it first time. But now at home these students get the chance to review the topic at their own speed and have an expert tutor on hand to help if they get stuck. The teacher benefits because any student arriving into class without the homework done better have a really good excuse, the student benefits because they have an expert at home on tap to help and it really empowers them to take control of their own education.
This scenario is happening everyday in schools across the country with services that already exist. All I’d say to students is don’t be afraid to try them as most if not all are free for a trial period or really inexpensive. It is much better to get a service that covers your exact textbook rather than a generic one as you will always get the exact help you need. Teachers please embrace web based tutors because they do not seek to replace you but to improve the situation for everyone. They do not just give the students the answers to math problems but try to reinforce the concepts that you introduced in class.


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