Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adding the Standards

We're in the process here of adding all the state standards to the video content we have. This new feature will enable a user to just click on the State Standard button on any video and the applicable State Standards will popup. Great!

But it really got us thinking about the State Standards and what value they bring to the table. These standards are quite old now not having changed in years and they also give me the impression that it's all a little to presciptive in the messages and techniques that math is taught in schools.

The state standards are all well in good on there own but to have them as visual as being in every students textbook at the start of each chapter and written on the board in class implies to me that students are meant to be aided by this, I find this very hard to believe. Personally I think this is bureaucracy too far and there is no place in the classroom for state standards. Let the teacher teach and let the students try to get into math without all this red tape making it look much more complicated than it really is.

I’ll give you an example, Do you really think this Standard helps a student? It is the 6th Grade Number Sense 1.2 Standard for California

“1.2 Interpret and use ratios in different contexts (e.g., batting averages, miles per hour) to show the relative sizes of two quantities, using appropriate notations”

Now if that doesn’t make a topic sound more complicated than it really is I don’t know what does!

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