Friday, February 25, 2011

Homeschools and Technology

I never understood why technology was not pushed and used a lot more by homeschoolers.
We have direct experience of this as our main video creator Trevor Doyle is also a homeschool liason educator. He meets hundreds of homeschool kids a month and he is always amazed at the slow takeup of technology.
With the selection of courses and tutoring services available online these should be a perfect fit for homeschooling. Also online classrooms and video linkups would or should be common place in a good homeschool operation.
Should the government be helping here? As in effect homeschools help ease the burden on state run schools and should be helped and supported to make use of all the technology assets available.
But like most things in life the government are more then happy to let you pay for it yourself if you will and is always reactive and not proactive in helping improve the lot of our education so why should homeschools be any different.
As usual just my two cents.


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