Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPad 2 Just doesn't work for School

No matter how hard Apple has been trying to convince us that the iPad can replace everything in the schoolbag it just is not happening and won’t in its current guise.
Many have tried to crack this nut but still I don’t think anyone is there yet. First off the iPad as the standard replacement for books and writing pads has one big problem, the battery. What happens if when your sat in the middle of math and you're frantically taking down the details for tonight’s homework and blink the screen goes blank?
I’ve been interested in technology for 20 years and so many people look for technology solutions for perceived problems that a simple low-tech solution already solves. If you need to take notes at school a pen and paper does an admiral job and I couldn’t recommend it high enough.
Don’t get me wrong there is a place for technology in the class room, the writeboards are brilliant and a school focused e-Ink web enabled reading device will finally come along and make a fortune and we’re almost there with the likes of the Nook and the Kindle, they just need to focus on schools and student needs a bit more.


  1. Use of technology in education is the most sought after, but iPad can't be a substitute to books. Students are nowadays very much tech-savvy; popularity of online tutoring sites like tutorvista or proves that. However, I don't consider iPad as an alternative to books.

  2. I tend to agree, thanks for the comment

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