Monday, March 7, 2011

Hosting Websites without a computer

How can I host a website without a computer? Well sounds impossible but now with Amazon S3 it is not only possible but so easy.
I have hosted my wife's website this way for a while but before it was a bit of a hack now it is as easy as a bit of configuration with Amazon.

This must sound a death knell for traditional hosters when word gets out how easy and secure this static website hosting is.

The 2 main advantages of this are
1) No need to pay for a machine (or virtual machine) to host the website on And I mean NO upfront costs.
2) No need to maintain the machine it is as simple as saving the website files to an online disk, markling it as a website and viola!

It is absolutely ideal for hosting brochure and static sites as you only pay for bandwidth. So if only 50 people access your site in a month the cost should be about 1cent. It also has all the benefits of Amazons scalable infrastructure which is cool because if you suddenly get a bit of press and 10,000 people from all over the world try to access your site your golden because of the 15 edge locations Amazon have. How many times have you been watching a prime time TV show, a guy gets to say his 2 min piece about his site. You decide to have a quick look during the ad break and it's dead? Unfortunately for you and him 10,000 people had the same idea as you and killed he site because he's been running it expecting to see the usual 1 man and his dog.
If you know anyone selling website hosting the traditional way please save them a fortune and show them this so they can get out now and stop wasting their time, because as soon as this becomes common knowledge I wouldn't want to have too many shares in RackSpace

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